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In 2012 Arua Diocese had the most colourful celebration of its 100 years of Catholic Faith brought by the Comboni Missionaries in this jungle of a place called Indriani.

Kids of IndrianiThis was the first place where the Missionaries landed and started the catechism Instruction for the people to know about the Catholic church. They however could not stay long here because of lack of clean water and more seriously because of tsetse flies. They were forced to leave this place and go to establish the first ever Parish in Moyo.

Back in Indriani the Little Sisters after the centenary celebration did not just end with the feast and left. They instead immediately stayed behind on, alongside the catechist of the place because the Bishop had decided that every 14th day of the month the Christians go from various parishes for pilgrimage to the shrine which was named Holy Cross and indeed every 14th September there is a big celebration of the Solemnity of the Exultation of the Cross in this shrine since that time.

The Sisters for the sake of the children in this area though still a lone area stayed faithfully in one of the huts and named it Cardinal Filloni Residence.This was the little hut build for him for resting during the Centenary celebration. He was the one who presided over the Eucharistic celebration of the centenary.He is the Prefect of the Sacred Congregation of the Evangelisation of Peoples.

The sisters have finally started the children's home by creating a kindergarten in a land given by one of the Christians which they name after the Founder Bishop Negri and a 'to be' Primary School to start later on. At the moment it is the Nursery running on. This service has brought a big change in the children's life and for their families-the first educational spot of this level in the area. Currently there are 75 children and parents from Ailo I and II Refugee Settlement brought 25 of their children to it and the children stay in the boarding two little huts constructed for their accommodation.

Indriani VillageThe demand for this need from the parents was crucial and ensuing This is to say there are ever growing needs for the support of children, about improving their living facilities. The Little Sisters here think about acquiring improved facilities for them alongside the holistic growth and development they deserve. The children's stay at this age bracket of 4 and 5 in a boarding which brings a lot for any one to think about. The sisters realise the application of the context of the writings of Bishop Angelo Negri' a missionary book for Children named "Piccolo Missionario" With it the Sisters' participation to help the children to speak of itself and the children silently evangelise the adults around by the way they play, study, pray and learn new skills and show their talents in games and sport in art and craft etc.

Indriani SchoolSome friends of the Institute came to visit this place and lived one life with the children ate the food the children and the sisters eat. This was a boost for the children to encounter an international community who played with them and showed them some skills from another world. The friends were very eager and keen that the children feel at home with them, try to learn some skills, sang songs from another world and prayed with them. The children give a lot of hope and impetus for the Sisters to strive on for better place for them to live in.

Every one has a right to good facilities, safe and good enough place to sleep and to have food... Dear all Having seen this on our web don't hesitate to contact the little Sisters on Box number 928 Gulu and on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to share how you can come in to help this children in t his place.

May God bless and touch you as you read and May God bless you with a means to support.

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