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Sr. CarolineIn the complex world today, we are surrounded by refugees, elderly, street children, the sickly, disabled children and the orphaned, the infected with HIV with high prevalence as well as the affected by HIV.  These are realities challenging us and we are called to take positive risks to face these realities.

The members of the LSMIG in Immaculate Conception Uleppi Parish are Holy trinity by staffing. They perform the work of the Holy trinity by keeping their team spirit as they collectively decide on how they can manifest the Character of the Founder as well as the Mission of the Institute. They used a simple strategy of agreeing on having a vulnerable persons as support staff.


Young MotherIn the pictures is a young single mother (Window in the middle) of 4 children who joined us in September 2017 when her baby Jordan was 7 months old. It was unfortunate for this young single mother (Harriet) whose first husband was bitten dead by snake leaving her with a child. After sometime, she married another one who committed suicide after seeing no hope in life as he was not relating well with his relatives. Harriet underwent a lot of stress and she felt she was living in DARKNESS.

Now in the community of the sisters, she has overcome stress as she has been enlightened. She has the available necessities to sustain her children.

The LSMIG are called to be LIGHT IN DARKNESS as their MOTTO in this complex world and the current situations.

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