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Once a year, our Institute celebrates the Day of the Superior General. This can be fixed any time of the year and not necessarily on Patron Saint or Birthday of the Superior General.

On this occasion the Sisters bring gifts that will help the Institute; like foodstuff, utensils equipment,etc. On 27th October 2018 the feast was celebrated though belated posted for our readers consumption.

Superiors DayThe Eucharistic Celebration was impressive and the Main Celebrant Rev. Fr. Matthew Ojara Chaplain of the Novitiate gave a delighting homily about the significance of the occasion. He said" this was a feast on unity, a family home-coming day, united by the mother-hood of the Blessed Virgin Mary the par-excellence Mother.

The first Mother Eve was the prototype of all mothers but as the first mother she crumpled down under the deceit of Satan. Mother Mary came and heavenly lifted all mothers to the mercy of God and to become worthy mothers at biological level with spiritual level and chance of forgiveness of God.

As a spiritual Mother, the Superior General has to ensure the spirit of family togetherness, keep the spirit of the gift of vocation in the church. Ensure hard-work, patience,kindness,simplicity tolerance forgiveness farsightedness respectfulness firmness etc rooted in spirit of prayer.

SuperiorThe Sisters must be seen active instruments of God They are chosen by God and must always grow together, support one another and ensure the continuity and growth of the Institute annually with new members.

The Superior General felt very much moved by what the Sisters and Novices, Postulants, and Aspirants did and she committed her-best to lead the Institute with the guidance given in the homily; by the example of the Blessed Mother, the Founders of the Institute and St Joseph.

We are grateful to all who support us in several ways and means and she said she hopes the Profession on 8th December 2018 can take place in the Chapel even if not completed because the Founder handed the tradition that Consecration of the Sisters takes place in a Church not in open air.We pray for means to finish up the renovation.

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