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We celebrated our Founder's Day at Our Lady of Africa community, Mbuya Parish in the Archdiocese of Kampala on 11th November 2018. The occasion was graced by the Parish Priest Rev Fr. John Mungereza also a Comboni Missonary Father, the Institute where our Founder Bishop Angelo Negri belongs.

Founders Day PartyThe celebration gave us a chance to reflect on our Charism in the light of the "New Wine in New Wine skin" Book which was very much shared and explained by His Eminence Joao Cardinal Braz de Avis. He officiated the celebration of the Golden Jubilee of (ARU) Association of Religious in Uganda of which the Institute of the Little Sisters of Mary Immaculate is part and parcel.Founders Day

These two occasions have lifted a responsibility in us to reflect on our Formation both initial and ongoing, Our understanding of Authority and Obedience and living it, Relation and Sexuality and Finance. The Cardinal's words is a treasure. His simplicity on the occasion and passion for us to understand the wick of our consecrated life shall be remembered by the religious in Uganda. Our Postulants had the chance to be in it and we pray for living our charism as imparted to us.

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