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Mary Queen of Peace Pupils1Mary Queen of Peace school has special start and attributes to pass on. The Little Sisters saw in their skin the turmoils the sons and daughters in Northern Uganda under went from the 20 years of insurgency and by that time of which the children were not alien. For safety they, with their mothers left the comforts of home and slept on the streets, LSMIG Mother House convent, hospital,churches, town, schools etc.

There is apparent peace now and  the children who underwent those turmoils and some who were born in captivity are now mothers and fathers or grand parents of the current children in Mary Queen of Peace.

Mary Queen of Peace has come out as an Institution to give a lasting Psycho-social support which need could still seep in the lives of our current babies and children. The Institute of the Little Sisters therefore felt it important to have in place a school that can impart and instill Peace as a virtue and a value to have citizens who can profess peace in their lives naturally; citizens who have skills to resolve conflicts, who can share at round table challenges and propose solutions to them.

Mary Queen of Peace Pupils

Sometimes Dreams are real presentiments that can come true. Sr. Angelina Akello our Dear implementer of this Support school in a dream received a Dove of Peace (with olive leaf on its beak like in the story of Noah in the Ark) released from the hands of Mother Mary. She said in the dream there were very many religious who opened their hands to receive this dove and she was among them. The dove flew out and came straight to land in her hands.

With this the following day she felt the mission to start a school that will convey messages, feelings and actions of peace.She felt this would be more convincing and sustainable with an Institution for children than adults. That time her Superior General Mother Miriam Kozoa readily accepted the idea and in 2010 Sr. Angelina started the project. Looked for a piece of land and started. Now it has reached Primary 5 from  Nursery.  

Mary Queen of Peace is this school. Visit it, Support it and you get the impressions right from the gate but more so in the behavior of the children. The school rock is prayer with special devotion to the Blessed Mother Queen of Peace.

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