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Yes. The positive response to the vocations received in the congregations each year is a proof. We believe God is in control of everything, He makes sure His work on earth must not stop.

Formation 5

Any family in the world will never be happy if the family does not have a child or a new generation, that means there's no continuation in that family. On the same note the Congregation of the Little Sister of Mary Immaculate would close down if there are no new members joining. 

Indeed religious life is God's doing but not human thinking. He selected and called eighteen girls to join Little Sisters of Mary Immaculate of Gulu, what a wonder!  

New Postulants of the Little Sisters of Mary Immaculate of Gulu: 7th December 2017

 01 Scovia Akello  Aloi  Lira
 02  Joyce Apli  Ngetta  Lira
 03  Stella O'daru  Lodonga  Arua
 04  Sidonia Orodriyo  Rhino Camp  Nebbi
 05  Lisa Akello  Lukome  Gulu
 06  Agnes Amviko  Ullepi  Nebbi
 07  Susan Akullu  Nyetta  Lira
 08  Polly Apio  Nyetta  Lira
 09  Judith Nangobi Ayera  Kamuli  Jinja
 10  Dorothy Adrupiyo  Metu  Arua
 11  Eunice Aceng  Minakulu Bobi  Gulu
 12  Mary Goretti  Palabek  Gulu
 13  Doreen Ayoo  Kalongo  Gulu
 14  Restah Asiimwe  Kamwenge  Fort Portal
 15  Jacqueline Acen  Kitgum Mission  Gulu
 16  Josephine Acen  Paidah  Nebbi
 17  Monica Fiona Nyana  Teboke  Lira
 18  Concy Akello  Minakulu  Gulu

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