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Sr. LuijaSr. Luija Orochi left us to go to her Father House on Christmas Night at 7.30 am. She was admitted palliative state on 13th November 2017.She died a ripe age of 83.

The Requiem Mass for her was led by Rev. Fr. Lawrence Dr. Komakec, Episcopal Vicar Gulu and Parish Priest of St Joseph's Cathedral Gulu Archdiocese. Fr. Komakec in his homely shared the life he lived in Amuru Parish during the insurgencies of Alice Lakwena and how they were abducted and suffered a lot in the bush. Sr Luija was present. 

Sr. Luija had a very rich history read from her urology and Fr Lawrence recognized that from her early age she did not turn her back to the Lord but lived her life fully and entirely for him. The letter of St Paul to Timothy said all who dedicate their lives to serve and honor the Lord will be rewarded by the Lord. Sr Luija spent her energy until she could not because of age and recent body ailments. Her Baptism and religious profession made her grew close to God at all times. .

She did meet a lot of challenges for sure but observing her  was like Job she did not turn her back to God. She knew her God is a just God. He is her redeemer. Challenges experienced were not punishments but beatitudes as proclaimed a summary of the Joy of the Gospel. They were blessings.

Mr. Gabriel Okumu who offered to support Sr. Luija's life in several ways bringing her up to St Mary's Hospital Lacor said sister lived a simple, humble life. She has closed the chapter of her life successfully as a Nun. This should encourage the young sisters to persevere in the call of God.

The Superior General Sr.Susan Clare said in her remark that Sr. Luija was known by the sisters as a quiet, peaceful and neat person, orderly in her doings. One could never hear her raise her voice and indeed on lady Irene supported these attributes for her success and of her children one  becoming a medical Doctor, another a Lawyer and another a Driver to Sr. Luija's clam and friendly treatment of her when she was a young girl living with her. She ended by saying. " No one could never find Sr. Luija saying things against any one or acting very harshly. 

May God forgive her failures that for sure were in her also as  human being but give her Eternal JOY. for ever Amen.


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