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Casket Sr. AgnesFor serious reason in which we lost one of our children with impairments found dead in a pit we could not have the burial ceremony of our beloved Sr.Agnes Akello Number 11 in the Institute of the Little Sisters of Mary Immaculate of Gulu. She served with dedication as a religious for 71 years.

Sr Agnes was born on 10th February 1921 , Baptized three days later on 13 the February 1921. She was among the first Christians to receive the Sacrament of Holy Communion in Ediofe Parish in Arua Diocese which Parish will celebrate its Centenary in 2019.

Sr. Agnes missed her "Cente" (100) age by 3 years. She demised after a serious health breakdown on 14th February 2018 at 7 am on Ash Wednesday. She served in 31 convents.

Sr. Agnes Akello

This sister was nonsensical Nun, exacting, very hardworking, sincere and would make one know whenever there is something to correct or put right. She was at the 3 same time cheerful and prone to ask for forgiveness in case she hurt someone. The Institute today celebrated her life as one of the senior Sisters who professed in the hands of Rev. Mother Angioletta Dognini Co-founder and in the in the presence of the Catholic community in a Eucharistic celebration led by the Founder himself Rt. Rev Bishop Angelo Negri Servant of God. The universal Catholic Church is in the process of his Beatification (Nihil obstant) His grace Archbishop John Baptist Odama.

During the Requiem Mass Monsignor Lawrence Dr. Komakec Episcopal Vicar Gulu Vicariet and Parish St Joseph Cathedral Gulu celebrated with 9.other priests and in his homily said Sr Agnes was one of those who cleared the pathway for the current members of the Institute. She was one of those who shook the dew 'coro toyo' in Acholi language to make it possible for the current members to walk in the service of God. He said Sr Agnes in all these years did not quit but like St. Paul she ran the race to the finish She is among the first Catholics in Uganda who served in the all the 4 dioceses of the current Northern Ecclesiastical province namely; Gulu, Nebbi, Arua and Lira (GANAL). SO as a senior Sister she is one of those going back to the Lord to rest. She has helped in laying strong foundation on which to-date the Institute stands.

Rev Fr Constantine Rupiny added that Sr.Agnes Akello did the most ordinary things in life and she went home very rarely in order to give time to concentrate in her religious ministries among the people God.. He said it is therefore very important to emulate making the ordinary, extraordinary as Sr Agnes had done..

May Sr Agnes' soul find its eternal Rest in the Lord. She now knows that God's love is never exhausted until such moments. She died for the Lord and now lives for the Lord.

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