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Sr. Mary Alice AmalIt is so moving to keep on posting sad news of an untimely demise of our sisters. But it is a reality of our commitment to become a religious to serve God love him in the vulnerable he gave to our care and thereafter go to him for our reward in eternity.

Each time it happens we want to love God more and dedicate our service to His family through all who are in our care.

This time we had Sr. Alice Amal called; an active vibrant Nun who demised after a simple successful surgery in which she appeared to have been recovering but after a day and half she passed on to eternity on Thursday 1st March 2018 at 10.20 am.

Sr. Alice shall be remembers for several positive commitments and attitudes she showed. She never gives fear to anyone , her jollity and similes will not be forgotten, her commitment and dedication to treat and attend to patients and guest was impressive, her sense of humor was lightening heavy and difficult moments for many of us. Her frank and honest ways of calling a spade a spade was unique and she did it with gentleness mixed with smiles that no one would feel it a reproach. She was a leader and a mother for many.She helped the leadership team on several issues of the growth of the Institute.

The General Council had acquired a scholarship for her and she was to leave in April this year to start to pursue CPE in Tri-Health Good Samaritan Hospital in United States of America. This plan is now shattered for the Institute. Indeed God’s ways are not our ways. Alice was a wonderful bedside nurse and administrator. she left remarkable footsteps in several Health Centers and hospitals. She will be missed for her nice character and expertise.

Sr. Alice invited us to Life celebration. We do not forget her deep love of God and devotion to Mother Mary through the Holy Rosary she devotedly recited everyday. Sr. Alice will be laid to rest on Monday 5th March 2018 in the Most Best way by the celebration of the Requiem Mass. She brought a lot of joy at all the days of her life with us. And here and now she invites us into this joy once again because she has died in the Lord. Though painfully we in this Mass shall celebrate her life.

We strongly believe the Lord has rewarded her. She is in the fullness of this celebration because she now is Eternally Resting in Him. Fare you well Sr. Mary Alice Amal, Pray for your Institute and for your relatives. May you Rest in Eternal Peace. AMEN


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