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The Little Sisters of Mary Immaculate of Gulu have inaugurated a significant battle against poverty through education in a remote village called Indriani. The village, formally invested by the Lord's Resistance Army of Joseph Kony for more than 10 years, is located on the Eastern part of the River Nile in Adjumani district and within the territory of the Diocese of Arua in Uganda.

Children of IndrianiSr. Susan Clare Ndeezo describes the situation of the children of Indriani as very appalling. She observes, "the girls in the area try to go to the only primary school around, but drop out extensively from level 4 and 5. By the time they could reach level 7, they girls are already preparing for marriage. As a result there are lots of child mothers in Indriani, forming almost 75% of the women population in the area. Most children are at home with no chance of exposure to an elevated life like in other parts of Uganda".

In March 2015, the Little Sisters started to address the situation of the children by opening a temporary shelter named Bishop Angelo Negri Kindergarten. Currently, there are 50 kids attending the kindergarten. The Sisters have also started a horticulture in the area to provide paid labour for mothers to get something to take home for food. The next target is to establish animal husbandry where the Sisters will rear animals to improve the chance for these mothers to change diet in their families.

Acording to the Mother General, Sr. Susan Clare Ndeezo, the vision of the LSMIG is "to develop an Education Centre named Mary Immaculate Education Centre. This will a Complex Centre consisting of several educational levels: Kindergarten named Bishop Angelo Negri, Holy Cross Girls Primary School Indriani, Cardinal Filoni Girls Secondary School Indriani, Mary Immaculate Apprentice Vocational College Indriani and Cardinal Filoni Convent Indriani (residence of the Directors)".

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