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Mother AngiolettaWe, the Little Sisters of Mary Immaculate of Gulu, have no words to express what we owe to Mother Anglioletta Dognini. We came to be and survive because of her determination.Our first sisters professed in 1945 but in 1949 we painfully lost our beloved Founder Bishop Angelo Negri the Servant of God. He had seen only 4 groups professed through leaving the rest tender and delicate as a new Institute in the hands of Mother Angioletta.

The breaking News of his demise in Arua on 11th November 1949 reached Rev. Mother Angioletta in Gulu the Mother House of the Institute when she least expected it. We cannot imagine how she felt. We still shudder uncontrollably with the idea and can only say Mother Angioletta had special graces then. She wiped her tears, rolled up her sleeves, tied the apron tight and fixed her eyes on the Cross of Christ and Mother Mary while imploring through the intercession of St Joseph the continuity and perseverance of the Institute without its Founder physically present. But she kept him and his plans in her heart and ensured that she developed the charism in the sisters as he would have done.

Tomb Mother Angioletta

It was not easy being the first indigenous African women's Institute in Northern Uganda amidst a culture that time that a woman did not matter much except to bring dowry and wealth to the family by marrying off. Education, e.g.going to school by then was not the cup of tea. In-spite of this Mother Angioletta trudged through and by the time of her death there were over Three Hundred sisters.

Today 20th March we commemorated this great Lady of God our Mother Angioletta Dognini a Comboni Missionary like our Founder and Co-foundress on the occasion of which she departed from this world to join our Founder. She was healthy and as it was her schedule she went for the routine visit to the Novitiate usually while saying her Rosary. After moving around a while she went to the parlor and was waiting for Novice Marriet Ababiku whens she suddenly was gripped with pangs of pain and soon after it she passed on. It was 20 the March 1990 in the evening a little bit before Vespers.RIP.

Rev Mother Angioletta was a very hard working sister and she taught us to work hard and have the basic necessity of life and as orphans then to fend and stand strong on our feet. With her we had lacked nothing.

Today we thought a lot about her and had a special day in her memory. The sisters have started several institution in her honor and in her her name. The nearest around the Mother House being the Kindergarten, the Day Care and the Primary. The Primary boarders came to be with the sisters. These schools are all elegant and best performing institutions. We paid homage together and prayed over her tomb to bless us.

Mother Angioletta deserves all attention of remembrance. We are happy to share with who ever will read this.

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