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Gulu East 1The Zonal Coordinator of Gulu East, Rev. Sr. Rosalba Aciro earlier on mobilized her sisters for the Easter recollection through letters and phone calls. The resources for the retreat were gathered from communities which were tasked to organize particular items on the budget. Everything was brought ready at St. Mauritz Community which managed it successfully. One of the Councilors Sr. Immaculate Agul attended the retreat.

Fr. Raymond Atube’s theme was on Love. Love one another. He likened Pope Francis’s “The word is a gift, other persons are gifts” to love. In the Gospel, the rich man and Lazarus teach us about being gifts to each other. Lazarus was poor, in need, vulnerable, seemingly insignificant in society. He is given a name….Lazarus. The rich man was wealthy, pompous, blind to the poor, antisocial. He is not given a name. He did not consider Lazarus as a gift. At the end, they both died. Lazarus became a shining star. The rich man became vulnerable.

Gulu East 2

The sisters were asked to look at the face of the person sitting next to them. They were to see the face of God who loves the person. In the same vein we must see God in everyone. Fr. Raymond said that we Religious eat and drink the body and blood of Christ from the same bowl and cup, but we hate each other within our houses. We must learn from Christ loved and forgave his enemies. After Mass the sisters had tea together, planned for the next retreat, their project at Paimol, and and left.

Reported by Sr. Felicity Therese Drakuru, a member of Gulu East Zone

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