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Mother Angioletta Kindergarten was founded by Sr. Susan Clare Ndeezo in 1993 in a chicken House at Sacred Heart Sacred Heart Secondary school with the mind to support the children of the Staff of Sacred Heart Secondary school and the staff of St. Mary’s Hospital Lacor. The name of the school is after the Mother Co-foundress Rev. Mother Angioletta Dognini a Comboni Missionary who faithfully sustained the Institute of the Little Sisters of Mary Immaculate of Gulu after the untimely demise of their Founder Bishop Angelo Negri Servant of God.

Kids of Mother Angioletta

Mother Angioletta was coming every-time a feast for the children was held on Holy Innocence Day 28th December and she brought lots of gifts for the children. She emphasized to us the importance of a Christian base foundation for children at the start of their school life.  

We appreciate Sr.Susan' s community member that time Sisters Marietta Tea and Mary Carla Ajio RIP. The Superior General that time was Mother Saveria Fuathum, Bishop Martin Luluga and the Parish Priest was Fr. Paulo Ottolini RIP. They assisted by encouraging to have the school started.

There was no nearby Kindergarten between Custom Corner and Katikati. This Kindergarten became the pioneer Nursery school of the Catholic Church. Note even the graduation ceremony at this level and now all over the country kicked off here at Mother Angioletta, as a brainchild of Sr. Martinez Cherekpe, the current Headteacher who served since 1996. She is innovative and she loves and cares for the children with peace and patience. The children too naturally get attracted to her sweet loving attendance to them

There are over 2000 who have graduated from this kindergarten since 1996 we thank all who silently supported the school with personal initiative of searching for funds. We awe them a lot. The Motto of the school is to Stars of Hope …for Gulu… for Uganda… for the world.

Currently there are 300 children. They are very bright creative and already future cultural heritage preservers of the area.

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