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The 8th General Chapter of the Congregation of The Little Sisters of Mary Immaculate took place in August 2013 and specifically celebrated on 15th August 2013. The council started active works after the Handover on1st September 2013.

The Assignment of the General Council:

Sr.Susan Clare Ndeezo, Superior General: She is In-charge of General Administrative Duties and responsibilities, the overseer of every aspect of the congregation and is the accountable officer. She is also the public relations.officer. She Supervises the Council in their various responsibilities.

Sr. Phiomena Okura: Vicaress and In-charge of Health Department of the Congregation and in charge of General Welfare Land and property supervisor.

Sr. Immaculate Jennifer Agul: Councilor In-charge of Formation both Initial and Ongoing. she is In-charge of Vocation Animation and Recruitment. She is i also In-charge of Annual Retreats for Formees and recruits the Preachers including recruiting Facilitators for congregation seminars and workshops and guides and directs its entire process.

Sr. Carmel Abwot: Councilor In-charge of Education, search of vacancies, scholarship for sisters and Chairperson of education/learning centers owned by the Congregation Trustees.

Sr. Sophia Wamala Lunyolo: Councilor In-charge of Development like Fund development Efforts and Projects Proposals. She guides and controls the project implementation and ensures right and timely reporting. She supervises the Congregation Project Coordinator.