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They do that by the way to adjust, catch up, move towards and embrace life with innocence,simplicity, gratitude and through playing,music, dance and drama.The children participate, speak out, act and observe and do something always to spread the  kingdom of God. The special ministry entrusted by our Founder Bishop Angelo Negri to the Little Sisters of Mary Immaculate and the Brothers of the Immaculate Heart of Mary is in all our involvements through teaching, healthcare and social services. The children are priority care for the Reign of the Kingdom of God which is our Patrimony . We give this attention in all aspects to the lives of the children's.

We were in Kamwenge, Micchindo village. The children there do not have much as far as modernity, schooling facilities, exposure and comparison to see whether they have the best or not is concerned. But it was amazing to see in their faces and smiles how much they accepted their situation and how much they depended on us for better things for them. To see us was a great joy and news for them. We indeed saw again realistically what Bishop Angelo Negri did and saw by writing the "Piccolo Missionario".

The children are everywhere but how can we reach them and help to bring them up. Between 16th and 19th November this will be explored more by reviving this Book Piccolo Missionario. What is it inside this great Text? Wait to see....