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This workshop was the brain child of Sr. Pat Murray ibvm the Secretary General of International Union of Superiors General (UISG) who implemented it in conjunction with Association of Consecrated women in Eastern and Central Africa and it was the first of its kind in Africa. The participants were over 70 nuns consisting of Superior Generals and Provincial Superiors of ACWECA regions including student sisters also from ACWECA region studying Canon Law in Catholic University of Eastern Africa (CUEA). Among them gracefully was the Superior General of Little Sisters of Mary Immaculate of Gulu Sr. Susan Clare Ndeezo and sisters from her congregation Sr. Dinah Apio lsmig and Sr Jacqueline Angee lsmig who are both in CUEA studying Canon Law.. Topics handled were:

  1. Global Solidarity among Women Religious : the UISG perspectiveMeeting
  2. Review of Constitutions and implication for the life of members
  3. Community Life; Rights and Responsibilities of Members
  4. Formation in Africa; Experience and Canonical Issues
  5. Functioning of General/ Provincial Councils
  6. Relation of Council with members
  7. Relationship between Religious Institutes and Diocesan Bishops
  8. Finances; Responsibilities and Challenges
  9. Exclaustration and Absence from the Community House
  10. Separation from the Institute
  11. Chapter Procedures, Roles and Outcomes

Sisters Meeting

The Canon Lawyer panel held these topics with concrete examples and in light of the church laws that made us get the gist of our institutes' functions and operations, our responsibilities, rights obligation. The participants were enlightened in depth on several issue of importance that were either overlooked intentionally or by the ignorance of the law. We saw that the church has provision on any thing regarding the operations of the consecrated life including its governance. The laws also projected into the future and has directions for every challenge that may even come in the future. We have to be proud of the Catholic Church Holy Serious and Well organized.

We depart from the workshop tomorrow 24th February 2017 renewed and enlightened. We feel gratified that we have our own sisters in the Region coming out with these knowledge to guide our institutes. The Little Sisters are gratified that they have 2 sisters in this pipe line. Their success in Canon Law will be helpful to the institute and the church. Thanks to all who are supporting the endeavors of the institute to have sisters in this discipline.

The Little Sisters thank the UISG and ACWECA for this initiative and the Council of Canon Lawyers in the Sisters mentioned above for guiding us in our ministries as Congregation leaders.