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SandThe Little Sisters of Mary Immaculate of Gulu(LSMIG) is a local congregation of Religious Sisters belonging to Gulu Archdiocese in Uganda, East Africa. The aim of the congregation is the Christian Education of youth through formal and non-formal education. The sisters are passionate about the education of children and they have done that successfully for the last 75 years.

The congregation is at the moment developing a unique secondary school; Dr. Lucille Corti Science College, a science oriented school for both boys and girls. It is in line with the Government of Uganda’s priority in promoting ‘Science and Technology’. Our aim is to prepare the youth for the fast advancing world. The school imparts both academic and vocational skills to youth of age 12-20 years. It is located in the rural Koro Sub-county of Omoro District. Dr. Lucille is located in the Archdiocese of Gulu in Layibi, All Saints Parish.

BricksAt this school there is a deliberate effort to promote science and vocational education at an intensive level and a matching effort to set an extremely conducive environment for the learning of both pure and domestic science. This is why our school needs to be supported to grow big in quality and quantity in order to serve the thick population of Omoro District, the archdiocese of Gulu and beyond.

The Little Sisters would like to address the problem of lack of enabling environment for the learning of pure and domestic sciences. A spacious science laboratory block is needed at Dr. Lucille Corti Science College. All the lessons and science practicals are right now conducted in squeezed classrooms, which are meant for the primary level children, or outdoors. The school lacks funds to avail this structure.

Omoro District is a rural region with 165,000 inhabitants. The people are mainly peasant farmers who grow food crops for home consumption. They also involve themselves in petty trade among themselves to increase the family income. The family is sometimes forced to live on $10 per month. In this situation they are unable to pay school fees 100% in any one school term. They pay in bits until they complete. This makes the administration of the school a challenge.

We would like to construct a laboratory block which can accommodate 60 students in each of the three rooms in order to provide the students a chance to perform experiments by themselves with the guidance of the teachers. The Laboratory will cost Euro 55,683. Our local contribution is the land on which the school sits. This in Uganda shillings is 165,258,400.

If this laboratory is constructed, a good environment will be achieved. The teachers will be able to guide the students and provide the individual attention required. If the financial help stops, our school has a sustainability plan in form of funds allocated annually for repairs and replacement. The school trains children to own the school properties and to take good care of the buildings. Monitoring and evaluation will be carried out by the school project committee who will supervise the daily activities. The school Board of Governors, Parents, Teachers Association, the District Engineer, The Archdiocesan offices, the LSMIG will all ensure the implementation of this project.

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