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Toto Maria 2

Toto Maria, located in the diocese of Kotido diocese, is a Vocational Training Centre for girls who have been victims of rape, forced marriage and defilement. Sr. Mary Angel Acayo LSMIG named the Centre after the Blessed Virgin Mary "TOTO MARIA" in Karamojong language and in English "MOTHER MARY", to draw wisdom and help to support the vulnerable girls who are victims of rape, forced marriage and defilement.

Several of victims have become mothers without plan or wish. They have given birth to human beings who have to belong, be welcomed, accepted and loved. They are human beings for whom, Jesus Christ, the Son of Toto Maria (Mother Mary) suffered for.

Toto Maria 1

Sr. Mary Angel appeals to the people Good Will to offer support for these young women and their off-springs. One way is to give them life support by developing their skills through practical talent developing vocational programs. These will equip them with life skills for survival, for taking care of their children to achieve a better future.Toto Maria 3

On 10th April 2017, a ground-breaking ceremony took place in which the Parish Priest of Kotido Cathedral Parish blessed the foundation for a construction that will serve as classrooms. The ceremony was witnessed by the vulnerable girls themselves who pledged to support with fetching water for the construction which will be for their future. There were also some elders who gratefully witnessed the ceremony. Sr Mary is yet to release the curricula for the centre.

The land for the Center was gratuitously offered by the Institute of the Little Sisters of Mary Immaculate. The Superior General Sr. Susan Clare Ndeezo was personally present to lead the Sisters in the ceremony. She cracked the ground on behalf of the entire Institute and to witness it as a point of the execution of their patrimony, she was accompanied by Sr. Bibiana Anena and Sr. Esther Auma who are members of Kotido Community.