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What a joy to see the rising of this Centre for the girls dropped out of school or who never saw the inside of a classroom, They are growing but traumatised by occasions of rape, kidnapping,forced Marriage, defilement and abduction.

Toto Maria School
Sr. Mary Angel LSMIG after the conference in United States of America about United Nation/ Vatican Permanent Observer Human Convening received some  financial support for these unfortunate girls to have a Centre where they could learn life support businesses to make them earn a living and recover from the traumas they have suffered.
On 10th April 2017 the Ground Breaking of this Center took place and since then some works was ongoing.
The little Sisters of Mary Immaculate look forward eagerly to have this place done for these girls.
This is the stage the building has reached.
We look forward for more support to have it finished.
Please Come One! Come All !!!  and help the girls of Toto Maria through the office of the Apostolic Nunciature -Uganda. .