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Via CrucisWe are celebrating the best Easter ever! Like the very first one! The past ones were theoretical and social podia.

We have been through a Holy Week similar to the very first Holy Week of the agony, suffering and death of our Lord Jesus Christ! Like the apostles, this Easter will find us in LOCKDOWN, hiding, anxious, fearful and uncertain about the future of our lives! Yes, I am scared of COVID 19, perhaps you are scared too, and just know that many people are scared as well. As consecrated women, the COVID -19 has put us on an “unlimited time retreat”. Most apostolates have been reduced to zero. We are living through a period of grace that calls us from “DOING” to “BEING” present to each other in person and in spirit. This Easter is a call to be present to yourself and present yourself before Jesus Christ the Crucified and Risen Lord with sincerity of heart.

This time asks of us resilience, hygiene, prayer and return to fundamental human and spiritual values, respect, presence and reverence. COVID -19 has challenged the values of our human creation and beliefs, and rendered what we held so dear and spent so much time on: our apostolate, ministries and work; fruitless; unless they are based on deeper spiritual life of prayer.Ediofe Community

Finally, I say to each one of you, Courage! Wake up and show COVID -19 that CHRIST is not QUARANTINED and His GOSPEL is not in CHAINS. Even if we cannot worship together, let us seek HIM in the TABERNACLES of our HEARTS! Let us intercede for Mother Earth and her children.

May the blessing of the Risen Christ accompany you throughout the Easter Season and through the difficult times of the COVID 19. In a special way, let us commend our medical personnel: Doctors, Nurses, Midwives and Caregivers to God’s protection.

Yours in the Risen Christ,

Sr. Grace Angelina Aciro Otto
Superior General.

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