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Mother Susan with a SisterThere will over 900 Superior Generals converging in Rome for the Great and Important meeting in Rome and in which they will close the Golden Jubilee year of the existence of this International Union of the Superior General established on 8th December 1965. Among them will be the Superior General of the Little Sisters of Mary Immaculate of Gulu, Rev. Sr. Susan Clare Ndeezo LSMIG.

On 3rd May 2016 she left to attend to some issues and on the 8th she will attend the ASEC(African Sisters Education Collaborative)Meeting. The UISG Assembly opens on 9th May 2016 and ends on13th May 2016. The Theme of the assembly is Weaving Global Solidarity for Life. The above theme as stated will be expanded to: "Care of the Planet; World issues, Religious Life and Solidarity" with suffering areas especially where human rights are violated, war ravaged areas, areas where there are religious, social, and even political oppression.etc-all where the Divine Love, Mercy from God and His attendance is denied, obscured or not realized.

The UISG is exclusively intended for General Superiors who are members of the UISG. Members of the union are almost 1900. The meeting is taking place at Ergife Palace Hotel in Rome. The Superior General of the Little sisters of May Immaculate asks her Sisters in union with the Association of Religious in Uganda to pray for the success of this meeting.

Mother Susan leaves for RomeFrom Uganda alone there will be over 15 Superior Generals present. In our beloved Holy Land of the Martyrs, the Pearl of Africa Uganda we join together in solidarity and promote life in the new places of need including our country. This efforts to universality of Religious life should forge us forward in the Holy life we embraced and increase our commitment to the vulnerable. Best Regards with lots of prayers to all the Superior Generals who will be gathered in Rome for this Assembly.

The Little Sisters of Mary Immaculate of Gulu are with you and thank wholeheartedly the Archbishop of Gulu, the Comboni Missionary Fathers - Rome, the Comboni Missionary Sisters, Le Pie Madre della Nigrizia - Rome and Friends from Germany who made it possible for their Superior General Sr.Susan Clare Ndeezo to be present in this assembly.

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