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2. 11. 2016 Italy 103This was a great convening for over 40+ institutes with 165+ Nuns for AWECA regions Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania,Malawi, Zambia, South Sudan Nigeria,Ghana,Cameroon, Lesotho USA etc. It took place in Nairobi Serova Panafric Hotel from 16th to 19th October 2016. Because of its rewarding impressions we feel that the Little sisters of Mary Immaculate had the golden chance to be in it among others.

The Superior General Sr. Susan Clare Ndeezo LSMIG and Sr. Betty Grace Atim LSMIG working as the Finance Officer in ACWECA ( Association of Consecrated Women in Eastern and Central Africa) were in involved.

This Convening was funded by Hilton Foundation through the channel of the SLDI/ASEC (Sisters Leadership Development Initiative / African Sisters Education Collaborative) programs that have been supporting the education of African Sisters for better pastoral involvement.

We have learnt that in order to "Think Big", "Dream Big" and "Act Big" (Conrad Hilton's slogan for sisters because they are the right agents of Change). it can not be in isolation but in solidarity and sharing nationally, internationally and global with each other.

2. 11. 2016 Italy 097The convening led the sisters know and implement collaboration in fund development with Government institutions, NGOs, other religions and philanthropists; for the success of their ministries derived from the hundreds charism that came for the convening. The Catholic Sisters have the huge support to prepare them academically as well for new ministries under the ASEC and HESA (Higher Education for Sisters in Africa) program. They emphasized thinking like A Sister and they know what the world is saying,what the philanthropist are saying, what the government is saying and what NGOs are saying.

The Catholic Sisters are indeed champions of development. the silence was broken, the hide outs were exposed. What have the catholic sister not done? as far as humanity needs are concerned with the touch of witnessing the Gospel with Joy. they are in the heart of the drama to uplift human dignity, protection and care of OVC, evangelize peoples;to know, love and serve God and to earn eternal life there after.

They have realized the importance of systematic data storage and management and research. Thanks to Hilton Foundation Team, Hilton Fund for Sisters, Global Sisters Report and to the ASEC team who made us know what Conrad Hilton's dreams were for us the Catholic Sisters, who made us benefit graciously from his endowments. He loved us very much and we love him very much.

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