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Mother Susan Clare Ndeezo Leadership Team

Leadership team refers to the Team of Superior General and her Council who run the Congregation as a whole. They over see every activity going on within the Congregation. They are the major planners for the life of the Congregation and her members.

Zonal Coordinators

Zonal Coordinators are the Sisters elected by the other members of the communities in that particular zone to coordinate them with Congregational Leadership. These Sisters take full responsibility of that zone; together with other members of the communities within her zone, they develop their zone by finding suitable projects; organize retreats, seminars, workshops and any other celebrations within their zone which makes all of them come together once or twice a year to share and evaluate how their zone is doing. 

Inauguration of the New Council: 30/08/2015Inauguration of the New Council: 30/08/2013

It is the responsibility of the zonal coordinator to give report to the Congregational Leadership Team how their zone is growing. After receiving reports from different zonal coordinators which gives them the view of how the whole Congregation is doing. Collectively together with zonal coordinators, they sit and evaluate and decide what to improve in the areas that need improvement and what is not needed.

Community Superiors

These are the Sisters appointed by the Congregational Leadership Team to represent the superior General in that particular Community. She is also the coordinator of that community, to zonal coordinator, and to the Congregational Leadership Team. She is the final decision maker in that community.