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In his homely the Archbishop emphasized that Life is forward looking. He stressed that death is not meant to end life and magnify grief, rather it is  a moment to see ahead. Jesus Christ in John 11:21-27 orientates our lives from being desperate. He tells Martha and Mary " your Brother will Live" because he, Jesus is the "Resurrection"- the one who causes  death to have no power. Do we Believe?" He wants us to believe and to accept the truth that there is death but it has absolutely no power over us because He, Jesus is in us. Our position should be persons of Hope  as st Paul said to  the letter to the Thessalonians to be certain and not to grief like pagans. like people who have no faith. The Little Sisters have the chance to strengthen their faith, to profess hope with the daily chance of Word of God, the Eucharist, reading the life of the saints, living a shared and holy community life.

Fr. Francis Maliamungu Ojandu who was a former curate in Sr. Jizelda's home parish Metu said about Sr Jizelda that sister lived her life for Jesus Christ. She was (as all the sisters do) praying all the time for the Priests because the Priests administered the Sacraments for her and especially they enable her to receive the Eucharist everyday. He said Sister was a strong sisters and shared how she used to drive the tractor to plough the fields in Kalongo Parish with great joy of doing it for God and His people to have food. Sr Jizelda was the second nun of the Little Sisters after Sr. Palma Nyamundu who also passed on 11th  November  2017. Sr. Palma drove the convent Taata lorry, ploughed the fields of the Mother House a thing most female do not do because of its heaviness.  Sisters Jizelda and Palma did it with a lot of joy and commitment all for .the service of God's people.

Funeral Mass

The Superior General Sr Susan Clare Ndeezo in her remarks at the funeral acknowledged facts of Sr. Jizelda's other talents,love and devoutness to the Eucharist and to Mother Mary. Jizelda prepared "awula" fans usually used for the initiation ceremony of the year One Aspirants. 

"Sr. Jizelda has invited us to this celebration of eternity. What we all witnessed of her was being in the Holy Mass in the most active way; participating with the whole of herself in response to the prayers, singing and reflection on the Word. She indeed lived what St. Augustine of Hippo said in Latin “Canta bis et Orat” “He who sings Prays Twice”. She had a deep love and admiration of Mother Mary and recited the Holy Rosary devotedly. Her exclamations were always in the PRAISE of The Blessed Mother Mary.  Sr.  Maria Jizelda learnt to make the instruments and decorations for Sacred liturgy and worships. She did it all for the Lord and at times she played them superlatively with innate devotion. She loved to sing and listen to the church music and hymns.

Today we are laying her to rest in the Most Best way by the celebration of the Eucharist. Her Spirit is here with us in an active manner. She brought a lot of joyall the days of her prayer life with us. And here and now she invites us into this joy once again because she has died in the Lord; with His Sacraments while with humbly, simple, forbearance she successfully endured the ailments of her body. We strongly believe the Lord will rewarded her. She is in the fullness of this celebration because she now is Eternally Resting in Him and seeing him face to face.