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As ever on the Second Sunday of Easter the initiation ceremony for the newly-come girls who want to embrace consecrated life through the patrimony given by Bishop Angelo Negri Servant of God took place in the Institute of the Little Sisters of Mary Immaculate.

This was on the Second Sunday of Easter (A Sunday and beautifully given the Theme Divine Mercy of Jesus). This took place during the Vespers and ending with a solemn Benediction entrusting these tender young girls to the Divie Mercy exposed in the Blessed Sacrament on the alter.

This was not timely put on the web for our readers because there were yet one or two of these coming. form Morulem and Butunyi in Kenya. So happily we have now 12 new Aspirants 2018.

Aspirants2This occasion was graced with other girls who felt that they have vocation and they are nurturing it for the near future after their secondary education. They were from Sacred Heart Secondary school, from Christ the King and some very Mother Angioletta and Demonstration Primary Schools. This was indeed a moment of Vocation Promotion and "Come And See" because the girls who attended the ceremony came out expressing there wish to be allowed to also join immediately. This was like a joke but indeed some wrote their application. It is likely this ceremony could have irked or confirmed what they have been feeling when their parents or teacher pose the questions "What would you like to become in future?" the call of the Lord is heard and realised in different ways and means. So this event could be one of the ways or affirmations; to see a fellow age-mate starting her profession affirmatively with such a ceremony. This experience indeed let those who were present to pray that the girls moved by this experience continue to nurture and understand if truly God is calling them to the religious life and not "harden their hearts..."


The call of God is irresistible because sharing the following day with the Aspirants what they felt and why they came and yet some of them should be going for their university studies or other jobs as some of them were teachers and accountants already,they said they simply could wait no longer.For them there was nothing greater than to come and start their training to become religious women. What they will under go to prepare them for apostolate shall come later they said. This was great and wise to hear from these young energetic girls that to be a religious,the priority is the consecration through the embrace of the Vows and and then after this will make able to witness Christ in the Good News of the Gospel to others. May God bring to fulfilment this call He has BEGAN in these girls.

These 12 came from Gulu, Arua, Lira , Nebbi, Tororo, Kotido dioceses.

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