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The General Chapter will be celebrated in mid August 2019. Consequently earlier preparation to a successful exit is crucial.

The congregation leadership team has gratefully started with a few activities already but the most crucial one was the chance given to the Mother General Rev. Sr Susan Clare Ndeezo to attend the workshop organised by the Association of the Consecrated Women of Eastern and Central Africa (ACWECA).This workshop was closed today on 11th May 2018 evening having started on 6th May 2018.

Chapter1ACWECA region consists of 10 countries; Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Malawi, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Ethiopia, Sudan, South Sudan and Eritrea.Leadership team from 5 of these countries as the first ot turned up for the workshop and it was about " Gracefully Handing Over the Custodianship of the Patrimony of the Institute" In all there 14 Superiors General and Provincial and Regional Superiors

Very important topics where shared by various presenters with participants as listed below:Chapter

How to handover in the corporate world organisation, by Dr Andrew Lujuo ;

  1. Psycho-Spiritual Preparation for Handing over the Custodianship of the Patrimony the Institute, by Sr Mary Goretty Ochieng FSJ;
  2. Temporary Goods to be handed Over to the Incoming Office, by Noelina Nakato DM; 
  3. Material Preparation for gracefully Handing over the custodianship of the Patrimony. Managing the Handover Period Writing the handover report, by Sr Jacinta Auma Opondo FSA ;
  4. General Overview of the Chapter celebration Sr Jacqueline Githire IMS;
  5. Letting go and Surrender Fr. Isaiah Dr. Bedijo Ocunji OSB.

The workshop was rewarding and the Mother General of the Little sisters of May Immaculate called her team to say she feels prepared with knowledge to lead her general Council , Chapter Facilitators, and Chapter commission to ensure successful celebration. What she picked will be shared and applied for a graceful steps of the chapter and handover to the next leadership team.

We share this on the net because Chapter is not only an event for the Institute but an event in the universal Church. The consecrated life is in the church and for the church by the prophetic witnessing of the Good News of Salvation of Christ for all. The sisters through their unique charisms expressed and manifest this through their ministries among the people; teaching nursing social works catechises etc. The chapters success is therefor an empowerment toward that and by this we request any assistance that shall be given by all who read us by words of prayer, best wishes, material support, or monetary support.